Sing me a song about the Germans

Ich soll ja netter sein und das Schöne aufzeigen, das der Objektivismus den Menschen bringt, aber irgendwie habe ich doch wieder ein sarkastisches Lied über die Deutschen geschrieben. Na ja, vielleicht gefällts den Amerikanern zumindest:

Hatte diese Melodie dabei im Kopf.

The German Song

For our American friends (war-mongering douchebags)

Our intellectual leaders

Are passionate readers

Of books with two letters

Or three, sometimes four.

We are more peaceful than Jesus

Our Goethe was a genius

He had eyes, he had ears

Let’s say 42 cheers.

In peace we stay at home

In war we stay at home

Thanks for dying for us

You American twats.

You can’t do nothing wrong here

Just play along, dear

If you don’t pay your taxes

We’ll gut you with axes.

We are very pragmatic

Believing shit is dogmatic

Who needs philosophy

If he has a great economy.

We love dogs, we love cats

We love fish, we love rats

We don’t love humans so much

Because they rape nature and stuff.

We are very productive

Our landscape’s seductive

We love numbers a lot

Got an agency in every spot.

We have a special relationship

With the Jewish state, we hate it

It reminds us of our past

Now that one may not last.

Let’s drink four million beers

Let’s drink five million beers

Let’s drink six million beers

Let’s drink seven million beers.

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